About Amaraq Websites

Just a little about the business...I started Amaraq Websites in back 2007 and I now have over 20 years of web development experience across many platforms.  I created this business to fulfill a demand I was seeing for inexpensive pre-made websites.  Our turnkey sites are geared towards people who want to own and run a website but don't have the skills, desire, or time to learn how to build one.  They are set-up to give you a professional online presence right away!  This allows you to spend time promoting and marketing your site, not focusing on the time-consuming technical details.  Our websites are designed to easily grow with your business, enabling you to add your own unique content and touches at your own pace.  We have clients from all over the world and I love seeing the success they have with their websites!  If you are looking to start your own online business, my best advice is to always to choose a site on a subject that you are passionate about.  Success will come much easier if you're working on something you love!


Nicole Coviello
Nicole Coviello

P.S.  If you are wondering where the name came from, Amaraq was my dog and is now my angel canine partner : )