How It Works

Step 1

Pick out a topic and purchase a design

Visit our premade website shop and browse through over 70 different designs.  Find a topic you're passionate about and purchase the template (you can view full demos of each design before deciding if it's right for you)!

Step 2

Sign up for one of our Hosting Plus packages

We offer full website setup and support with all of our hosting packages!  You'll get access to our Member's Portal, which contains links for signing up to the affiliate programs and information on running and promoting your new website.

Step 3

Sit back and relax while we setup your website

We usually have most new websites setup within 48 hours.  In the meantime, you can browse through the information in our Hosting Plus Member's Portal or message us with any questions you may have!


Do I need any technical experience to run your turnkey websites?

No, you don’t need any experience at all! Our websites are turnkey, automatic, and ready to be promoted. No technical skills or experience are necessary!  If you choose to host with us you will have access to our membership portal which includes website marketing guides, videos, and resources.

What’s included with your turnkey websites?

You will get the entire website including all files, database, and graphics.  To get the website up and running, you'll need a hosting account and a domain name* to install it under.

How do I make money from these websites?

You can earn money from our websites through affiliate marketing. Affiliate marketing is when you partner up with an online merchant via their affiliate program. When you place their ads on your website you get paid a commission every time a person clicks through your ad and makes a purchase! Our websites come with ads already built in from the following affiliate programs: Amazon Associates, Clickbank, & Google Adsense or Clickbank Pro Ads. You need to apply to each affiliate program individually and payment for your commissions will come directly from them.  We help you connect your affiliate codes to the ads on your websites!

What if I already have my own hosting?

If you already have a hosting account somewhere else, we can transfer all of the site files, set up the database, and configure the entire site for you for an additional charge (this also includes insertion of your affiliate links!). The only requirement is that your host must have cPanel and support PHP and MySQL. You must also grant us cPanel login access to do the transfer.  Click here to purchase our Website Setup Service.

If you have the technical skills and would like to setup the website and database on your own, you are free to do so, although we do not provide any technical support or help with affiliate code insertion.

What if I want design changes or changes to the website layout?

No problem!  If you need custom changes to your website’s code or design, please contact us for a quote and make sure to give a detailed explanation of the changes you’d like.

Except for the website price, are there any additional costs of operating this website?

Beyond the price of the website, if you decide to host with us, you will only be required to pay the annual Hosting Plus fee.  In addition, a domain name is around $18/year and is payable directly to GoDaddy* (or your registrar of choice) annually.

How does the automatically updating content feature work?

A WordPress plugin is set to search Google News via keyword and pull in one new site topic related headline every 24 hours. These article headlines are found in the News category of our websites and will also appear under Recent Posts on the right sidebar.  The YouTube videos and Amazon store items will also update automatically but you have less control over that (YouTube videos will change as video popularity changes and Amazon items will also change as Amazon updates their own data).

Do you offer custom turnkey websites with unique designs?

Yes, we do! We can make you a unique turnkey niche website on any topic you’d like. You can view the details and purchase one here!

Can I resell your websites?

Our websites come with a single domain license.  You can only sell your website with the original domain name it was setup on.  You cannot make copies of our websites and/or resell copies under any circumstance.  Please see our Terms of Service for more information.

Can I upgrade my hosting account from the Single Website plan to the Unlimited Websites Plan at any time?

Yes, you can upgrade your hosting account at any time and just pay the difference!  Please contact us if you're a current customer and would like an upgrade.

Please feel free to contact us with any additional questions you may have!

* Denotes an affiliate link which means we may make a small commission if you purchase something from GoDaddy through our link.  It doesn't cost you anything extra, but it does get you discounted domain pricing : )

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